Our mantra is:
comfort and function

Easy Care


Who are we? Who is an IRON CO man? Quite simply we are some guys and gals who have been working day and night for the past couple of decades figuring out what men like to wear every single day.

It’s simple, we make clothes that can stay in your closest for years without losing their cool factor. That’s because we don’t get stuck on the gimmicks and fads in fashion. We like to be comfortable and we assume you want to be comfortable also. We have a passion to figure out day after day what an IRON CO man would want to wear next. We don’t make it unless we would wear it.

Now is it clothing that you would wear to work or school? Maybe not, I guess it depends on where you work or go to school. Because an IRON CO man doesn’t care about dress codes. We are stylish men who care about what we look like, but don’t want to give up our comfort no matter what the occasion. Don’t take our word for it though check out how comfortable our clothes are for yourself, your closet and your girlfriend or wife will thank you. See it’s not just how you look but how you feel that defines an IRON co man. Strong to the Core!

Our New Lines Are Featured in America’s Biggest Retailers Across the Country!

Interested in becoming an Iron Clothing Ambassador?

An IRON Clothing Company Ambassador is a true extension of our brand on your campus. It is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. In fact an Iron man hates the word job. We live every day like it’s the weekend.

Ambassadors will spread the IRON message that rules are meant to be broken and there is no reason that you can’t look good while feeling good also. The ambassador must be an influential person, a taste maker, who has a passion for fashion. The Ambassadors will get special access to our product months before it is available. They will also be entitled to special promotions that are not available to anyone else. The Ambassadors live the brand 24/7/365, and they will have direct access to the head honcho at Iron Clothing to discuss anything that might spread our message.